“Rock Slop”
Watercolor, 22 x 30 inches
This painting was the result of craving to paint for the last several days. I have spent most of the last week at the computer with a terrific web consultant building . . . . .

My NEW WEBSITE !!! Check it out. There is a lot of interesting new stuff there.
A new website is a big deal, I think, So consider it announced and launched. I’d be most interested in hearing your comments about it.


JULY 17-30, 2009 . . . . .PAINT IN TUSCANY WITH ME !! More info on the website and there is a brochure you can download right here at this LINK.

FYI . . .if anyone is seeking a terrific, professional and well informed business communications consultant (the lady who did my website) . . .check her website at

10 thoughts on “BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS”

  1. Mike! Your new website is FABULOUS! Wow! You’ve hit all the high spots: vibrant, eye-catching viewing, easy to navigate and VERY informative! Congratulations! I will definitely make note of this vendor’s name for future reference. Hoping all is well with you….until the next time….Jackie Pitman

    P.S. You’re painting is still pretty hot, too!

  2. Jackie !!!!!!! How are you??? Sure is good to see you poke yer head in here once in a while. I sure hope you are playing with your paints!

    Thanks so much for the praise about the website. Marion will be proud!

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