Hard Weekend!

“Hydraulic Hammer”
Watercolor, 22 x 30inches
Friday morning I began this and was completely compelled by the compositional arragement of lights and darks. I worked on it Friday, Saturday and Sunday . . .from Sketches. This sort of subject calls up all the knowlege about color, light and shadow.
This is one I am very proud to post.

13 thoughts on “Hard Weekend!”

  1. Okay Mike, I am up to date with all your GREAT new watercolors!

    Man your cookin!! And you should be proud of this one! It realy draws you in and then hammers you with color and movement….

    Nice work Mike!!

  2. Mike, what extraordinary images you’ve been painting in watercolor! Really stunning. I can’t comment on technique cause I haven’t got a clue, but I know beautiful when I see it!

  3. Thanks Milind . . .Your paintings make me understand that I have so much more to learn! Thanks for coming by.

    As for tagging . . .see later comments

  4. Stacey . . .I am honored by your visit and your tag. I think the world of your paintings and how you and your husband are pressing forward in your respecitve businesses. BIG courage!

    More about the tag . . .in later comments.

  5. Oh Peggy!! Wow! I can’t tell you how many times I have been to your blog and looked at the wonderful abstractions. You are an amazingly creative artist! Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

  6. Faye . . .Thanks for coming by! I have visited your blog many times!

    Now . . .for the blog business. Hang on for a day or two. Once finished with Thanksgiving day, I’ll follow through. I can take a hint: 3 in a week is enough to get me off the dime. Thanks for the vote!!

  7. Wow. Tag central over here. Orange you glad I didn’t tag you too?
    Thought about it, but I tagged you last year and didnt want you to think I was picking on you.

    Nice piece. I like the details down in the water once I am drawn in. The rocks are expertly painted too.

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