My Two Cents Worth

watercolor, 30 x 22 inches
This painting came as the result of an invitation from David Lobenberg to join his watercolor class last Friday for some joint teaching and demonstration. This was the demo.
David’s entire class has been working on this truck . . . no easy subject! . . . . and all were excited to watch Dave and I sling paint and attempt to come up with some sort of painting. What a wonderful time we all had! His class is enthusiastic, energetic and talented! Lots of laughs and plenty of conversation about painting and art. I wish I lived closer. If I did, I prolly would be making a pest of myself!!
Thanks for the great welcome and lively participation to all the members of Dave’s class! You made me feel very much at home!

15 thoughts on “My Two Cents Worth”

  1. Mike,
    Wonderful painting with a great sense of mood and feeling of some remote location.
    The shadow of the pole on the truck is neat!


  2. Hi Hank! Thanks for the nice comment. I was very conscious of the mood of this piece in my color choices. The shadow is a tool which helps show the contour of the truck. Glad you like it!

  3. Mike – That was a GREAT class demo. I learned a lot from your approach. It may have been unplanned, but watching you and David work on a painting we had ALREADY attempted took it to a whole new level in terms of what I could take away from the experience. Thanks for making the trip from sunny Santa Cruz to Foggy Davis!

  4. Dane . . .Thanks a million for your positive feedback. I am tickled to hear that it made such a difference for you!

    Now that I think about it, it probably meant so much more when you guys had already attempted to solve the problems in that painting. Experience is always a better teacher, eh!?

  5. Mike, excellent truck painting! Like Hank said, great sense of mood. How fun to get together with David L. and demo in unison.

    Did you see Robin W’s truck painting?

  6. hey Mike, this is a sweet painting! The cast shadow across the hood is a nice touch, but I am really impressed with the fence in the back. That changes everything! It’s one of those,”why didn’t I think of that” kinda thing. Very cool~

  7. Unison? Gosh Silvi, you must be dreaming!! We were very different in our approaches . . .and the NON unison approach (totally unrehearsed) really awakened the class to the idea that there is more than one way to paint.

  8. Hi Terry! Thanks for coming by and commenting. I hafta admit, I am honored!

    I have watched your blog for over a year and am an ardent admirer of your work. Would love to see a commentary on rationalizing those strokes you spoke of in one of your last posts. Apparently, you have found a way to have them make sense. Still a mystery to me!

  9. Thanks, Frank! You bring up a good point about yellow and a conflicting mood. I had to work to tone it down, but keep the sense of old and rusting yellow.

    Wish you coulda been there. We had a ball!

  10. I am not so sure about “killer,” Dave, but I sure had a good time. Tell your class that they are a terrific and enthusiastic bunch. They made me feel very welcome!

    Any time you’d like to repeat this in another class, just give me a call!

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