Manipulation of Technique, Design

Three Different Moods
watercolor all are 15 x 22 inches
I am still working on the “Miroir d’ Eau” painting of people on a grand reflecting surface (Last few posts). Progress is slow, but it is mostly about practice.

Meanwhile . . . my classes have begun and I am in that space of dreaming up different ways to show painters ‘how to’ and to help them capture new paths of thought in their work.

I am spending more time emphasizing the interrelationships of Content (subject), Technique and Design and how those relationships affect the mood outcome of a painting. Of course, I have been demonstrating different techniques to some of the classes . . . .recently, painting into wet or damp paper . . .to achieve different edges and textures of the paint. That technique, with variation, and the manipulation of value arrangements, color and edges can express many different moods.

In the paintings above, the drawing has not changed (except just a little bit, unintentionally), but dominances of intensity, hue and temperature have definitely changed. See how the emphasis has shifted from the top of the painting to the bottom? See how the process of moving from painting ‘things’ to constructing an overall atmosphere can completely shift an idea? See how limiting contrasts can affect the mood? And how the increase of contrast can move the mood, too?

Isn’t it interesting how such different feelings can be generated without changing the actual drawing?

11 thoughts on “Manipulation of Technique, Design”

  1. Mr. Bailey, I always look forward to your postings. I look at terrific paintings. Plus, I get deeper insight into the wonderful journey of painting. The mood is indeed different in each painting; splendid poetry! Thank you!

  2. I love this h2o exercise, and I’m going to steal it from you, and you can’t stop me! This type of exercise, my friend, would make for another fascinating, multi- artist paint off. Good show…always playing, aren’t you?

  3. Ah, Peggy! Let’s drop the Mr., Okay? I really LOVE what you are doing with shape design. I think I will include your blog in my lessons in my classes. Do you mind?

  4. Ah-ha !! The bandit steals another! Gotcha!

    Hey Pardner! Sorry I haven’t been able to answer the challenge w Milind, but I am a bit overwhelmed this month. I may yet get to it . . . but it appears that I won’t. . . .stay tuned.

  5. I like those a lot, Mike – as always, very strong bulletproff design. I just saw a killer portrait on Myrna W’s site, I guess she’s in your workshop. Can you make that a podcast or something, I want to sign up!

  6. Don’t get too carried away here, Nick. These are simple demos to illustrate an idea about changing moods and revising techniques to accomplish different effects. These are a LONG way from the quality of work that you post.

    As for pod casts . . . .That’s a great thought. I’ll have to mill that one around for a while. It sure has potential.

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