A Fourth Mood

“Fourth Mood”

watercolor, 15 x 22 inches

Working from a class demo, I Re-worked the problems and finished this piece in a nocturnal mood idea. I had messed up some of the light values in the back and had intended to silhouette the rear boats and buildings against a lighter sky. Having messed that up, I took a reversed track and dropped the surrounding values (sky) way downward to bring the boats and buildings into an altogether different lighting situation.

While doing this I am also running a second class where discussions are afoot about clear separtations of values between light and shadow. I’ll be posting early next week about that here, also. Meanwhile, I am still messin’ round with the reflective piece of Miroir d’ Eau.

10 thoughts on “A Fourth Mood”

  1. Hi Mike, Haven’t checked in for a while. Love this and the previous post on moods. You really captured a unique sense of atmosphere in each one. Great demo and clear explanations … as usual.

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  3. LOVE this. I’m also really enjoying reading your posts. It’s very refreshing to find someone who is articulate as well as gifted artistically on a blog.

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