Digging in For Better

“Big Boy”
Watercolor, 15 x 22 inches
Well, here is this morning’s effort. Yes, I have accomplished the need to create a greater feeling of enormity by setting up scale comparisons with the background suggestions, the palms and the little cars. It is much more difficult to suggest rather than delineate (at least for me). The urge to describe something like the little cars more fully is something I must constantly resist. After all, when seeing a car from the distance show in this painting, they would be nothing more than a mere shape. (Gotta give up what we think we know, right?)

As for the lighting . . .I sorta got it, but feel that I could have been less timid. I wanted a yellow / orange sky, but for the life of me, I couldn’t get the superstructure of the ship to read as white when I put the shadow. The actual image in the photo reveals that structure to be quite dark against a light sky. That’s no problem, but the colors proved difficult . . .so I resorted to warm light / cool shadows with warm reflected light in the shadows . . .what I know from landscape painting. I guess I have to dig some more. . . . this is the last of this ship for now. I have to work on my “Miroir d Eau” painting. I am planning to use that as a demo in some upcoming workshops. Wish me luck!

10 thoughts on “Digging in For Better”

  1. Hi John . . .I think I took the biggest assignment for hard work while in the ‘queue’ you spoke of. The talent is 90% desire . . .the other ten percent was just plain ‘doing it over and over till I got it right.’ Still am doing it that way!

  2. Hi Mike.

    I’m digging your new blog design. Sweet!

    Thanks so much for sharing all your variations on a them. You’re an awesome teacher and I learn a lot from reading your blog.


  3. This is my fav. of the three. The cars really pump up the size of the ship and help give the painting more drama. I also like the intense deep shadow areas and the sense of hazy atmosphere and bright light.

  4. Yo! Dave!! There is so much I was trying to do that was a little out of my normal ‘zone’ in this one, Dave. Maybe I’ll learn this stuff one day! Thanks, Pardner!

  5. I just found your blog. Nice work!
    I too am an art teacher, also with a few victories, many failures, and at times extreme frustration. But I love it. If it was easy it would get boring fast.
    It’s nice to find others who feel the same.

  6. ‘Gotta give up what we think we know’ – I really that quote! — I enjoyed both your writings and the paintings. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Beautiful art work.

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