Another Shake Down

watercolor 15 x 22 inches
This painting is the result of taking a few simple ideas and pushing them to shake down any problems and to see what comes out.

Beginning with an under-painting of orange, quinacridone gold and blue, I set about drawing image over image over image over image . . . .much like I had done in the previous two posts . . . . .on top of the painting of the abstract color arrangement. I chose to have the colors dominantly warm with cool accents.

Also, from each position of drawing the image, I changed the height of my point of view, from looking up at the still life set up, to looking straight at it, to looking down upon it. Then, just for giggles, I put a piece of reflective silver mylar partially under and behind the set up which added some repeated shapes in the form of wobbly reflections. Once the line drawing was finished, I left the still life model in another room where I could not see it. My interests were to create shapes by the interweaving and overlapping line drawings and to utilize the warm / cool underpainting as light variations in the painting. By randomly glazing over parts of the painting and implying light from the far left, I wanted to see what sort of design would emerge. Eventually, this design began to take on its own personality. The pitcher appeared in places and merged with the Madonna figure in others. The Madonna figure formed much of the repetition and rhythms in the piece.

I was very cautious (over three days) with this piece not to push the value contrasts too harshly. I believe the darkest dark is but a medium value. By keeping the values more closely aligned, without using white at all, the characteristic differences in the colors used became the prominent interest in the piece. That is, the colors shift from near perfet neutral to slightly increasing intensities, which gives some areas of the painting a feeling of luminosity. That luminous characteristic seems to add a spiritual mood to this painting along with some ambiguity and mystery.

21 thoughts on “Another Shake Down”

  1. I really love this piece, Mike. You’re explorations of multiple images from different perspectives combines so nicely with your interwoven values and color variations. More of that mystical quality emerges.

  2. HI Mike, just thought I’d drop by to see what you’re up to. Looking mystical indeed with the related color spectrum of reds and blues together. Nice to read all about it~

  3. Hi Mike – Wishing you the very best birthday tommorrow – Hope all your dreams come true – I’m umemployed from my day job so best get back to my other job of hooking, whipping and stripping – must do something to try to make ends meet! Again – have a wonderful day – Joanne a PA Hooker

  4. Mike,
    The piece is beautiful. I love to dabble in watercolors, but more on the primitive and folk art side.

    Have a wonderful Birthday tomorrow.

    Debbie (A hooker in RI;)

  5. Jo, Bren,JoAnne and Debbie . . .

    Thanks so much for the good wishes come back again and take the ‘whole tour’ . . . there are over 270 posts to see here and a biiig website, too!

    I plan on making much, much more art in the years to come!

  6. Mike,

    Your work is wonderful…a man with talented hands is always a treat to find…

    May you have the happiest of birthdays…from one of the busiest hookers in Ohio…

  7. Already wished you a Happy Birthday in your email, but have to join in with my hooker ladies and wish you the Best today! There’s nothing better than a cyber-hug, air kisses, and Birthday wishes from a Hooker!
    Hope this day is all it can be, and MORE!

  8. Happy Birthday from Delaware to one talented man. Looked over your blog and am so impressed. Many blessings to you-
    East Coast – Happy Hooker

  9. Mike,
    A very Happy Birthday to you!

    From a busy HOOKER out on the left coast.

    P.S. We’re celebrating my son’s birthday today too. Yes, it’s true…a HOOKER with offspring. Some think it scandalous, but he seems well adjusted.

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