Blow Hard

“Blow Hard”
watercolor 15 x 22 inches
This location here on the west coast is but a teensy little spot which has massive interest to me. I cannot count the number of paintings which have come from this location (Davenport, CA). Every view imaginable has been put to canvas or paper . . .and more images await the brush.
This clump of trees sits at the very edge of a sheer cliff into the rough surf below . . . .probably 100 feet or more! (30 meters). The cliff face is absolutely vertical and these trees and their roots are holding the cliff from eroding into the sea. The cluster of trees juts out into space as the wind beats at them daily. Thus, the name, “blow hard.” Their shape and their trunks and branches tell much about their struggle to remain in that place. The salt, the fog, the wind, the cold . . .it all contributes to stealing their healthy appearance and at the same time giving them strength.
I have been working on developing a new workshop for the last few months and travelling, too. The mental focus to compose the lessons, examples and order of this workshop was weighing on me. So, yesterday, I took the day to play at the easel. This was the result. I had fun and am now ready to refocus and finish my tasks to compile this workshop.

14 thoughts on “Blow Hard”

  1. Stunning, Mike! I love the rythmic flowing patterns that fit the title perfectly. You’ve captured that lovely spot so well.

    Don’t work too hard. I can’t wait to hear about the workshop you are developing. Can’t wait to take another one from you!

  2. Mike, there is so much to look at and enjoy in this one, starting with the delicate texture of the small flowers and grasses in the foreground, moving to those light-struck rocks making a pathway up and over to the ferocious trees blown sideways from the harsh winds. Beautiful! Looking forward to hearing about the workshop you are creating.

  3. RHC . . . .Well, here’s the rundown on the workshop. “paying attention not to details but to relationships of the parts.” That about sez it, but you’d have to be there . . . . ;-))

    Thanks for your great comments!

  4. Oh Yessss, Myrna! I’ll remember that the next time we get together!! How bout a nice 6 foot tall marble sculpture of a dolphin for your garden? I’ll chcuk that into the back seat for ya! ;-))

  5. mary lou arum
    are the whitish tree taken OUT while the dark is wet. wow. I’ve tried this and have only managed to do it in grass. will see you wednesday this coming week in walnut creek at your demo.
    a fledgling california landscape artist

  6. Mary Lou . . .you might find it easier if you purchased a little bottle of masking fluid and painted the trunks in first with it. After all else is done, paint the trunks after removing the mask. It will be easier that way. (not so tuff!)

  7. Miss Leslie . . .

    Speaking of gifts . . .you recognize it because you know it so well when you own it yourself!

    I could go on about the quality of your work . . .but you already know that you are really good!

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