The Sketch and The Urge

“Almost There”
watercolor 22 x 30 inches
There are curious times for us artists. We have strange urges, sometimes. Those urges have to do with compelling images trying to come out.

This sketch has been in my sketch book for many months . . .probably a year. And every time I go near it, it calls to me. I could feel the emotion of it, but could not put my finger on the sort of color scheme I needed. Then, on a rare quiet moment, alone in my studio while in North Carolina last month, I could stand it no longer. Out came my largest flat brush and lots of reds. I painted furiously and put in the directions, big movements and large shapes. . . . .and I made some serious errors . . . .Edges for one. And there was one edge on a shadow which rode the edge of the path that simply came from bad judgment.

I kept the painting around for weeks. Looked and looked and looked at it without resolution. Then, today, I decided something had to be done . . . .that urge to complete it was nagging. There is no model or place to seek for correction. It is all an abstract notion that came into a sketch.

It sure isn’t much when it comes to being a fancy, recognizable place, but it sure does speak to me at a level I have yet to put my finger on. And in a mat, it just slays me!!

Do you suppose it’s the reds?

6 thoughts on “The Sketch and The Urge”

  1. I LOVE it!! 🙂
    It might be the reds… might be the awesome contrast and arched lines.. might just be the “destination” that it evokes? Regardless, it sings to me also! 🙂

  2. Hi Mike, Maybe you’ve tapped into something “universal”. The place reminds me of the coast along California and Oregon. And, it also reminds me of the coast of northern Holland. I like how the billowing curves lead the eye to the top of the pyramid-type form of the tree. The red is a surprise that works! And, I like how you’ve repeated the red….getting carried away! As always, I enjoy looking at your work!

  3. No, it’s not (or not only) the reds. It’s the passion behind the brush, the urgency to capture the feeling. It has an energy that might be heightened by the reds, but it is the energy that gives it that “something else”.

    Thanks for your posts which arrive in my email “in-box” just when I need them!

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