A Second Attempt

Self Portrait 2
watercolor 15 x 22 inches
This is the second attempt and far more finished than the first. I went to bed unsatisfied with the last one and had some different ideas on how to modifiy it . . . .among them more glazing.
The goals were the same to show the light pattern on the face rather than playing with details. One thing has become clear: to paint portraits well, the artist had better know how to use color extremely well. For this application, I have much to learn. This time I took my time and was much more considered in my moves. Surely you can see the differences from the two posts ago.

3 thoughts on “A Second Attempt”

  1. Let me be the FIRST and I mean the very FIRST one to comment on your new and definitely improved self portrait. The warm and bright colors on your face with that raking light is wonderful, and I love the complimentary greens. Ya dun real good, Mike, and it will be a great pleasure to include it in my blog’s Global Self Portrait Love In end of June. Thanks!!

  2. I’d second that, Mike. Love the greens and the slash of light, the warm nose, everything works well to me and it’s a portrait one could look at closely for quite a while to see “how’d he do that?”

  3. Oh my g-d, I can feel the heat from the competition! Great image. I especially like how you treated the background in this one. It doesn’t compete with the face for attention. Excellent MOOD!

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