Self Portrait

“Self Portrait”
watercolor 15 x 22 inches
Responding to David Lobenberg’s challenge of making a self portrait, I jumped in with both feet as I have been thinking of taking on portraits as a distraction from my usual fare.

So, I did.

Something about the usual portraits has always troubled me . . . .that is that many artists are so wrapped up in the details of the face, that they miss the value abstraction possibilities and the interest created by non symmetrical shapes. Mind you, I am not speaking of noses, chins, foreheads and that sort of shape. I am speaking of the shapes of the various VALUES of the light. In my book, it is the pattern of light on the face which makes a portrait much more powerful.

But what do I know? I don’t paint portraits. I slapped this one out in about two hours and realized that there is a lot to learn about color in portraiture. Temperature and intensities make huge differences in the painting of facial perspective.

9 thoughts on “Self Portrait”

  1. I don’t care for most portraiture, regardless of medium, for the reasons you describe (and a few others such as skintones, palette, etc) But this is right up my alley, I think it’s fantastic!

  2. Mike, Your approach to portraiture is great! The emphasis on abstract design strengthens the painting and makes it an enriching viewing experience. As for the likeness … I’ve seen you and KNOW you’re a lot more handsome! But, that’s not the point, is it? Keep going!

  3. myrn and kathy . .

    who knows what lies around the corner. Artistry leads to insanity, so I am told. Guess we’ll have to wait n see, eh? ;-p)

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