Crimson Ride

“Crimson Ride”
oil on canvas panel, 8 x 10 inches
While painting another scene adjacent to a local fisherman’s harbor, I labored over getting that painting right. After throwing in the towel, I turned, went accross the street and slapped out this little painting in twenty minutes. I had become very tight and fussy with the last one and needed to cut loose. This painting will never see a frame, but there are parts of it that I find arresting. I will probably go back and make a larger, highly engaging piece from this subject.
Right now, this whole plein air thing is to practice practice practice. I can feel the skills sharpening with every painting. This one was just plain fun!

4 thoughts on “Crimson Ride”

  1. Arresting is a good term for this one. Not only the rich red, but the tall masts and the horizontal flow of the boats side-by-side all push my eyes to the Crimson Ride. Well done…and in only 20 minutes…impressive, and as Peggy said, inspiring. -Don

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