Itching Continued

“Intersection at Walnut Ave.”
oil on linen panel, 8 x 10 inches
Yesterday, I scrambled to get to Walnut Ave. to paint the light and the tree covered street. This street is historical in that all of the homes are old Victorian “painted ladies.” The street is like stepping into a painting with neatly trimmed landscaping, blooming blossoms and dappled light everywhere.

I picked a difficult one, yesterday. Dappled light is something I have never done before . . . .so I can see I have much to learn.

This piece presents one of those interesting space division challenges . . . .and am not sure that it really works that well. What I have in mind is a much more subdued sort of lighting, but the way the sun was reflecting off the pavement yesterday was dazzling. I had to use every bit of the little I understand about aerial perspective and color, as well as edges, to make this little painting work.

I have resolved to visit again, perhaps today, to consider a different angle of attack and a different composition. I still itch to capture that which is in my mind. I may never quite get there, but the practice is most precious. I can feel a few gains in understanding from yesterday’s experience. I hope I can capitalize on that.

3 thoughts on “Itching Continued”

  1. Mike, Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such generous encouragement. Not only was this well received, but it gave me the opportunity to discover an excellent artist. I've enjoyed reading thru your blog and am inspired by your desire to continually challenge yourself to try new things, while creating fabulous work. Kudos! Thanks again, -Don

  2. Hi Mike, I've been thinking about verticals and horizontals. I enjoyed looking at how you've used line direction and repetition to weave together your composition. I also like how you've used the power of suggestion.

  3. Mike, You REALLY captured the dappled light very well! The space division is good, and you succeeded in creating the effect through the use of yellows and violets. Nice!!

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