June is for Plein Air Painting

“Arana Walk”
oil on linen panel, 8 x 10 inches
Living here on the California Coast, the marine layer (coastal fog) can be depressing at this time of year. So, when the sun comes out, I cannot wait to go outdoors to paint. For me, the light is energizing. Last Friday, I agreed to meet some friends for and early day of plein air painting. We were in luck. It was the first day in fourteen that the sun was out at sunrise! Whoopee!

In a large meadow at the edge of town, called Arana Gulch, we painted this trail.

Meanwhile, I have been out nearly daily since then . . .AND working hard in the studio, too. I have been holding off posting until the paint dries on some of the paintings so the photos will not have glare. This one is the first of ten paintings made in 7 days.

11 thoughts on “June is for Plein Air Painting”

  1. Nice color and brushwork there in the foreground Mike. The distant row of trees really takes it's place back there.
    I'm jealous that you have been out so often this past week. I have not even been able to pick up a brush.

  2. You have really captured the colors in the landscape. I live in northern California and just love when the hills turn this wheaten color and the contrast of the green live oaks. You did them real justice.

  3. Thanks, Sandy! I sure did have fun with this one. Just put an orange shape in the middle of things for the heckuvit! eh? Sorta makes you sit up and take notice, doesn't it?

  4. Hey Franko . . .coming from you that is a big complement . .thanks!

    I have been going crazee this past few weeks. One or two per day! Sure is fun!

  5. Galina . . .or should I say Doctor Galina!! ? Anyone who has a PhD in the science of art must be a very smart (as well as beautiful!) person!

    I have seen your work on your blog and am amazed at the passion in your painting! Keep going!

  6. Hi Jean! Us watercolorists have to stick together, eh?~!

    Glad you like what I am doing. I am having a ball chasing this oil painting stuff and feel as though I could get hooked really easily.

    Thanks for your positive comments!

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