More Meadow

“Early Shadow”
oil on linen panel, 6 x 8 inches
“Cowell’s Vetch”
Oil on linen panel, 8 x 10 inches
I can’t stay away! I know that in a matter of days, all the purple flowers will be gone for the summer. A ranger, who has worked in this state park for 35 years has told me he has never seen such a crop as this year. The sheer size of the area covered with purple flowers is truly awesome.

Nature has a way of sprinkling lots of different yellow among the violet, too! What a place!

Standing in the same spot, there were paintings all around!

4 thoughts on “More Meadow”

  1. What fun you are having! Love the colors, and the second one is my fav. I like the second one better because the colors are bright but a little more "natural". I don't know if that makes sense in that I like Colin Page's work, and he has some very "unnatural" colors in most of his paintings. Yet they all work somehow to create a real feeling of light. I think you are getting there with the 2nd one. That's my 2 cents!!

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