The Underside

“Quail Hollow Livery”
oil on linen panel, 8 x 10 inches
More plein air work . . .more room for improvement . . . .having a ball fighting through it.

Some say that to learn to paint, one must get the first 500 paintings out of the way first. Only then do we begin to understand what is happening . . . .and only then to we begin not to care much for the ‘details’.

This painting, though poorly photographed, really showed me the importance of the underside of a tree and how that underside and the cast shadow on the ground sets up a beautiful value pattern. You be the judge.
As for photographing a wet painting, I wonder what will happen if I use a polarizing filter to cut out the light reflected back from the wet paint surface.

4 thoughts on “The Underside”

  1. Hey Mike, The shadow patterns in this piece are spectacular. I love how you've used them to guide my eyes to the barn. I can't wait to see this without the glare.

    One way to eliminate the glare could be shooting it at an angle and then squaring it back up in Photoshop. That's how I do mine aometimes and I find it works quite well.


  2. Hi, Mike. You've sure done a lot of painting while I was away on vacation. I love to see your progress in oils. In many ways, they are reminiscent of your wonderful watercolors — strong designs, captured light, harmonious color. Thanks for the photos that showed the process.

  3. Hey there Miss Mary! Thanks again for coming by. AS you can see, I am on a journey to find what I can do, just like every other painter.

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