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Click on this . .then compare
Okay. So you didn’t believe that the color was the same in the last post? I understand. I didn’t either, though I suspected it might be true. I teach color and judging color in the context of other colors is something which is taught and emphasized. I still wasn’t sure.

So, Here is another shot for you to check out. Click the image. It will enlarge. Then, use your fingers or two pieces of paper to isolate the blue / blue green by forming a narrow slot through which you can only see the blue / blue green. You’ll see.

I am still bowled over by this illusion !

I am painting. But this is really important to all painters to understand what happens to color on their canvas. I’ll be posting some paintings to see in the next day or two. In the meantime, be well!

10 thoughts on “More Amazement”

  1. Hi Mike, The illusion is stunning. I find a sort of shadow illusion too where the green and pink are next to each other. It looks bluish. The overall effect looks dimensional to me. Hmm, are you going to incorporate this color scheme into a painting?

  2. Interesting question, Peggy. Maybe not this scheme, but you gotta know that isolating the color through a peephole is often mandatory to see the real color when looking at a subject . . . or a part of one. So, incorporate THIS scheme? No, but yes, if you get my drift.

  3. When I was taking a color theory class at UCLA in the late sixties, we had to buy a pack of intensely saturated sheets of colored paper. Forgot the name of these colored paper packs, but I believe that the color was silk screened on. Anyway, you would cut out an inch square of say bright yellow paper and place it on top of and in the middle of a full sheet (about 6"X10" in size) of say pink paper. Then you would take another inch square piece of the same yellow paper and place it on top of a full sheet of perhaps blue paper. Even though they were the exact same colored yellow squares, the different colored background sheets effected the squares to such an extend that they could appeared to be totally different colors or at the very least different yellowish hues. I hope this is clearer than mud, Mike, but I do believe what we did back then with those sheets of colored paper is similar to what's happening in this pinwheel. Color effects color.

  4. Right you are, Dave! I have some similar charts that I use in my classes to show how color is affected by its surroundings. This illusion goes waaaaay over the line, though. Don't you agree?

  5. Mike, I believed you, but I still had to take this into Photoshop and zoom in on the colors. Wow! What an eye opener… Thanks for sharing. BTW, I think I burned my eyes with this…I'm seeing spirals as I type this. 😀

  6. I said to myself no way are those the same. You can clearly see they are different. So of course I downloaded the image, opened it in Photoshop and sampled the two colors and guess what…they are exactly the same. It jaw-dropping. I shake my head in amazement.

  7. This is absolutely astounding. I'd heard about how color affects color side-by-side, but have never seen such a vivid example – and am not sure I ever appreciated the full extent of the effect of color on color. Thank you.

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