On Glazing and Mist

“Elkhorn Neighbors”

oil on stretched canvas, 16 x 20 inches

This painting is a breakthrough to new territory for me: the use of glazinng and also painting a convincing illusion of haze or atmospheric mist.
To date, most all the oils have been painted ala prima . . . .or directly. The great thing about painting watercolor effectively is that one must learn to mix value, as well as color. That skill has transferred nicely to the oil world and has helped in the setting up of atmospheric perspective. In this painting, however, so much was necessary to establish a sense of space and forms disappearing up the background hill that repeated adjustments of value and color (cooler tones) had to be progressively overlaid on dried coats of paint.
I am finding another world in oil painting . . . .one full of variables and methods, not to mention substances and mediums. It is a maze, indeed. And while I am foolin’ round with this stuff, I am still plugging away at my watercolors . . . . . because . . . . .well, (ahem) it’s “Home” to me.

3 thoughts on “On Glazing and Mist”

  1. Aaaah… sigh!

    Glazes… the ONLY way to go!

    But that's why I need at least four works on a theme – and using the same palette – on the go at the same time…

    Isn't it wonderful though, doing all that underpainting, then hiding it, cloaking it with mystery and mood?

    The real test for me came when working with watercolour on true gesso, painting delicate teacups in meticulous detail then sanding them back so only traces remained.

    Mad, we are, quite mad!

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