More Self Promotion

“Yosemite Awaiting Winter”
watercolor, 21 x 29 inches
There are just weeks where everything seems to work right . . . .that is to say work properly. And these last few weeks, have been very very exciting and rewarding . . .all the efforts are bringing wonderful rewards.

Over the last several weeks, I have been planning a trip to Yosemite while preparing for open studio. To say the least, I haven’t been able to get Yosemite out of my thoughts. A special about our National Parks on TV hasn’t helped, either. It served to hammer me into a mental place of craving to paint. So, this is another of the Yosemite pieces done while prepping for Open Studio.

Oh! Did I just say OPEN STUDIO again? I did. It is only half over. If you didn’t make it by my home and studio last weekend, there is still one more weekend . . . .October 17 and 18 from 11 AM to 6 PM.

The first weekend of OPEN STUDIO was exciting! We had approximately 500 people come to visit. Not all at once, but it was a steady flow of people for both days. With over 70 framed pieces up and my studio set up to accommodate lots of interesting art thoughts and demos, people were glad they came. Won’t you join us on the 17th and 18th?

16 thoughts on “More Self Promotion”

  1. Heartiest congratulations and best wishes for the "second half".

    A lack of self promotion is often the commercial downfall of artists – you must have the recipe just right!

    Take one well heaped serving of talent, sprinkle liberally with enthusiasm. Add a dose of generosity, and beat daily with discipline…

  2. PS, love the watercolour…

    You have a nice balance of pure colour shouting out autumn in all its glory and more gentle muted tones that will hold the viewer longer.

    For me, though, with my own quirky preferences, it was the foreground rock that made me click to enlarge the photo.

  3. Hi Mike, your watercolor landscapes are just gorgeous. Hey, what's your secret for getting the word out to over 500 people about the studio tour? I'd like that kind of traffic.

  4. I wish your studio was closer! I couldn't make it by but I sure wanted to. 500 visitors is substantial! Good luck on part two.
    The colors, still water, clear reflection, and lighting on this painting really holds my attention!

  5. Mike, Your fresh look at values is impressive. So often it seems that those who focus on value tend to de-emphsis color, resulting in a cooler feel. However, these recent works are strong , warm, delightfully eye catching, ellen

  6. Gorgeous landscapes, Mike! Good luck on your second open studio. I'm impressed by the results of your first. Your work deserves lots of recognition!

  7. Good luck at open studio next weekend! I know you'll have an even bigger influx of people on the last weekend, as always! Wish we could be there! Love you Dad!
    xo Bren

  8. Thanks everyone for your good wishes. This was an extraordinary Open studio. We sold a lot of work and had tons of people through. My wife and I are floating above the floor still!

  9. Interesting comment, Kay. I held up a mat to the painting to 'crop' out everything from the white 'island' upward. It is then one can truly appreciate the color balance and the alive grays in the 'rock' . . .(river bank).

  10. Ellen . . .thanks for your positive comment. In response, I would say that if you are thinking of values as grays and black, think again. All color has value. Some are darker or lighter than others. I contend that if the values are correct, any color can be used to state them and the painting will carry . . . .even if the color is not 'realistic.'

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