Last Touches

As usual, the painting in the last post was crying out to me about that big light valued shape jutting out from the painting. It was too ridgid, too edgy, too long, too “a lot of things.” It needed changing.

But how does one change something which, in many ways appears ‘right?’

I have learned over the years that if my gut is niggling at me about something in a painting, I should pay attention. So, I did.

A mere value change at the left end of that long shape . . .a lost edge here . . .a slightly cooler tinge at the far left of it, but warmer than the tone under it . . . then put it in. Oh! that changed how the other stuff around it reacted. So, a little wash over a shape or two to make them settle back and . . .there! I am calling it finished. My gut is quiet now.
PS . . .Some have asked “Did I do a sketch first?” Yep!! It didn’t have all the nuances in it, but most of the compositional arrangement of light and darker valued shapes were planned.

10 thoughts on “Last Touches”

  1. You are most likely right, Don . . . . . most of the time. There are times, I would think, that we would WANT that discomfort to come up for the viewer.

  2. Yes!!! NOW I really like it. The sensitive hand/eye of the watercolourist is showing.

    Don't you think, though, that sometimes putting something out on the blog gives that extra objectivity? I find myself posting stages of works more for myself than for my readers, and I get a lot from quickly scrolling down to see the changes. (Have to admit, though, that sometimes pride makes me remove one or two of the earlier ones unless they have definite learning/teaching points in them!)

  3. I like them both! The first one has deeper space with the darker background and the lighter piece floating forward. Very dramatic. Hard for me to choose one over the other.

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