Today’s Demo

“Rocks and Carpets”
Watercolor, 22 x 30 inches
This was the demo today. It is a fairly complex painting with challenges in linear perspective, atmospheric perspective, compostion, value structure, color and texture.
I attempted to show and discuss the thinking process in developing a decent watercolor painting, the preparation and planning to establish a strong composition to a ‘standing room only’ crowd of around 90 to 100 painters. it was exciting and fun!
As most of my readers know from reading this blog, and seeing the paintings posted here, I try very hard to go out to where other watercolorists visit rarely, if ever. This piece was more of a traditional watercolor painted so the audience would relate with the scene, as well as the structure of the piece. I attempted to show how the elements and principles apply in realism, as well as abstract painting.
If you were there, I hope you enjoyed it . . .and I hope you will comment here. All in all it was a fun afternoon, but I have to admit that it took several hours for me to ‘come down.’ I get nervous about these sort of things, even though I paint a lot.
This demo kicked off my ten week course beginning tomorrow, “Watercolor Beyond the Obvious.” More about it later. Thanks to those who came today. You were a terrific audience!

19 thoughts on “Today’s Demo”

  1. It looks to me that you rose to the occasion quite well. Once again one of your watercolor paintings has floored me. And, to think it was a demo! Kudos! -Don

  2. A mesmerizing painting. My first thought was "Lovers' Leap!" As Don said, you definitely "rose to the occasion." Your 10-week class will be a great success like all the previous ones. You're an effective and dynamic teacher.

  3. Mike says he hates to do live demos, I don't know why, he is ALWAYS well prepared. He walked us through his thought process enlarging his sketchbook work for all to see. He then proceeded to paint and talk us through his design process as he painted including some techniques…and voila….a finished twin painting! Just goes to show you how prepared Mike was. He did his demo painting but there wasn't time to be as "complete" as Mike likes to be so he brought in a finished painting. It was a real treat to sit through this demo. For those of you who haven't taken a workshop from Mike, you must! His blog is wonderful to hear him speak live, you get this enthusiasm for the love of painting and teaching.

  4. Very beautiful, love the colors on the grass – the very thickness of it with watercolor! – the perspective, and the loose handling in the back makes it a windy day, I think. Actually, looks like a great golf course except for that drop (which is, of course, where my ball would go!)

  5. Today, after class, another artist and I sat over a cup of coffee. She, a rising star, was seeking advice . . .and I gave some that I doubt she expected. That was to pay close attention to the people and places we are all introduced to through our art. That is the true reward for what we do as painters. We are privledged to be brought into contact with people like Kathy, Don, Susan, Jean and more. There are a few who stand out, like Evelyn, who stick with us through our growth. . . . who remain in our support . . .who encourage . . .who become a part of us in such a way as to become true family. They are the ones who appear in stressful times. They are the ones who shephard us through to glorious times, too.

    So, Ev . . .thanks for being there . . . .thanks for being there 11 years ago . . .for being in Spain . . for cheering from the back row . . .for always!

    And, the rest of you, I am honored that you choose to be there, too. It is all of you who make this extraordinary journey so delicious!

  6. Mike, I was scrolling down the comments and thinking I would post how much I wish I could just "pop on over" and say hi, when I read your comment on the people we meet. That is your speciality, your generosity of spirit. The painting is the means of communicating, but the message is far more than decoration and pleasing aesthetics. Thank you.

  7. Mike, you not only have a gift with brush and paint, you have the gift of eloquence. I have rarely met an artist that can put into words what the rest of us can only manage to express in a single art form. I am always awed at the beauty and depth of your verbal acuity.

  8. Hi Mike,

    Love this painting! I am still "standing by" waiting to learn if you are doing a European trip this year. I don't write as often as you and my friend David Lobenberg, (how do you find the time?) but my blog is Sandy

  9. Ahhh Mike…was it really 11 years ago since WBTO started? I know I started in class #2 and will take it again I'm sure.

    I'm happy to be your cheerleader and I'm thrilled to see your getting the accolades for your teaching and your paintings! You deserve it. Mryna said it best though about your gift to communicate your passion and knowledge.

  10. Well…I'll chime in with a well deserved WELL DONE Mike! You hit the ball outta the park with the painting and the nail on the head with your comments about what it's all about….thanks man! for your encouragement over the years…=]


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