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“picasso” wet from the rain
No paintings today, folks. Just news.

It may seem as though nothing is happening in my studio, but quite the opposite is in play. It seems as though everything is coming at once.
First news is my entry to AWS was an award winning painting at NWS, but was turned away at AWS. Go figger that! Who knows why? It is always a crap shoot . . .luck has to play a part.
Second news . . . .my workshop season is in full swing! Am off to Reno this week, then to the Carolinas and beyond in the next 30 days. My studio is being used frantically as I prep for classes, exercises and examples for the participants . . . and the mess is stacking up. Any of you painters out there have difficulty keeping things in order in your studio? For me, the busier, the messier.
Third news . . . .I have a new “job.” This job is one full of honor and responsibility to tradition and prestige. I must answer to those who have gone before me as examples and it won’t be easy. However, I am hoping I will be able to bring new wisdom, new energy and lots of expansion to the post. I have been chosen as President of NWS (National Watercolor Society). I officially took office this last month. Busier!
If any of you out there have thoughts about the society or where you’d like to see it go, I would like to hear from you.
Many of you know of the other news . . . we have a new puppy. “Picasso” is his name. And, yes, he is very demanding and steals our attention constantly. (What were we thinking?? :p) ) Even busier!!!

13 thoughts on “Studio Busy News”

  1. Congratulations on your being chosen president of NWS. Wish I could see the painting rejected by AWS. Is it somewhere on your blog? Picasso is very cute. Just did the same thing – rescuing a mut from Humane Society. She's young and very energetic. What was I thinking.

  2. Wow, you have lots of news. Congratulations on the new presidency position. Sorry your painting didn't get into the show. Art is so subjective but that is what makes these juried competitions so exciting.
    Picasso is a cutie. What would we do without our dog friends?
    Your life sounds really busy but if you are busy doing things you love, busy is a positive thing, right? I just don't know where you will find the time to paint. Good luck.

  3. Congratulations
    Love to see the painting that won and lost. The dog is the cutest thing I have ever seen and I am sure you will start painting dog pictures

  4. Warmest congratulations Mike! I am sure the honour is well deserved.

    The story of the painting should be out there in bold… sometimes an early rejection can knock confidence so it is good for us all to read how one painting can have such mixed fortunes.

    And from one mutt owner to another… good heavens, Mike, what were you thinking?

    Smiles and sunshine!

  5. Congratulations Mike on your presidency! You'll be terrific I'm sure! and Picasso…OMG! Just adorable!
    I know you'll love having him around even if he does still your time!

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