NEWS . . NEWS . . .NEWS !!

NEWS . . . NEWS . . . NEWS . . . .NEWS . . .NEWS . .

After too long a period, my website has been thoroughly updated. Nearly 50 new paintings and a new workshop schedule. Go Look!!
Suggestion: you might also, after seeing all the paintings there, want to go to “Artistic Musings” on the site and read a few of the articles there.
Check it out!!

Thanks to Marion Podolski ( who designed this website and is the person responsible for the update. Thanks, Marion! (any artists out there who need a great webmaster? Drop her a note. She’d love to hear from you!)

One thought on “NEWS . . NEWS . . .NEWS !!”

  1. I have been lurking here for some time and enjoyed immensely your paintings and your great informative posts. Your work is simply amazing. I've become a big fan and absolutely love your abstracts. I've tried my own abstracts but they are quite sad indeed. Thanks so much for being so generous and sharing your techniques with us. Ross Lynem.

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