Tooting or Complaining?

“Bandits at 3 O’Clock”
Watercolor 30 x 22 inches

I suppose this is the only place one can come to toot their horn a little bit. Maybe a place to complain a bit now and then, too.

So here’s both!
(Complaint) I haven’t painted much for what seems like months! Yes, I have put a little teensy amount of time into a very complex watercolor which, I expect, will take months to finish.
(Complain #2) Time is getting away from me fast! Too many “duties,” if you know what I mean. Those are things that MUST be done without question . . . .time limitations don’t count.
(Toot) San Diego Watercolor Society’s Annual National Exhibition accepted one of my paintings. (Ahem! Toot! Toot!) :p) That would be the above painting. You can see the title.
Some of you may not understand the title. Let me help a little bit. First, click on the painting and it will expand much larger. Second, most guys I have met love to “watch the girls” from whatever vantage point they have (obviously!). Outdoor workers are not exempt by any stretch of the imagination. And there are ‘code words’ among friends to alert anyone else in the group that a good “sighting” has been made.
“Bandits” is jargon used by US Air Force pilots for enemy aircraft. The clock time is the position in the sky of the ‘bandits’ with the cockpit being the center of the clock. In this painting, the alert has been sounded. You can figure out the rest from there.
Other than tooting or complaining, I just wanted to check in and say Hi to you all out there in the sphere of cyber.

25 thoughts on “Tooting or Complaining?”

  1. Excellent painting! Congrats on getting it into the show. It's well-deserved…

    I must admit that when I first saw the title, and before I enlarged the image, I thought it was referencing bandits stealing copper out of light posts, which is occurring all over the country. I like your real reason much better…


  2. Excellent painting – interesting, tells a story, and so well painted. Love the values. I can relate to all my time taken up with little tasks and not being able to paint. I can so relate.

  3. Love dropping by your blog. This painting is so amazing. As a watercolorist i long to capture light such as this. I so enjoyed your explanation of the title as i can relate. And yes, the demands on our time too.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  4. Hi Mike, Great example of watercolor at it's best! Wonderful composition and spot on values as usual but I really like the texture effects you've got going on and the depiction of the whites with all the colors in them! Complain or "toot" all you want, it's always good to hear what you have to say.

  5. Hey Dan . . .I doubt there is a person out there in this day and age that doesn't relate with those time stealers. Glad you stopped in.

  6. Hey Ross. Values are a biiiig deal . . . . .especially in this painting. Back lighting is always challenging. Thanks alot for noticing!

  7. Peggy, I can't tell you how many times I have looked at your comment and giggled to myself about my 'six.'

    You must have a Navy background! Glad you are watchin it for me! 😉

  8. Jen Mac . . . .You are one artist whose work knocks me out. If ever there was an admiration society, I am sure in yours. Your positive reaction makes me proud! Thanks!

  9. Tonya . . . I can hear your voice all the way from Bahrain!

    I am drooling over the gorgeous prints and the pieces you have done on Bristol Plate!

    Stay back from that big window! You could fall through!!! 😉

  10. Congrats, Mike…a very dramatic painting of color and value. I"d extend this comment concerning the aesthetic virtues of this stunning h2o, but I need to finish painting my front porch. Not paint the front porch but apply paint to the front porch…hate this form of painting! Takes time away from painting. I feel your pain!

  11. Thanks for the great inspiration! I feel like it has been forever since my brushes met paint, but I keep telling myself there must be a road back to it someday. Your painting is beautiful.

  12. Great painting and awesome commentary! Love your website too, your paintings are very dynamic and you really have your own style. Toot toot! I'm looking forward to following your progress!

  13. that one's so good it hurts!! Wish I could see it in person, hope I do sometime. I'm judging that San Diego show in 2012, I know it's a major. I'll be in your neighborhood end of October, look forward to debrief

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