Practicing What I Preach

” Parked In The Sun”
watercolor 15 x 22 inches
I have been lamenting for several weeks (months) that I have not been able to paint.
You might recognize the following if you have not been painting . . . . . .doubts and fears set in about whether I am reallty capable to do this . . . .was I just bee essing the world? . . . .was that last good painting an accident that I will never be able to repeat? . . . . .Have I lost the touch? . . . . . . .and more and more and more! All this pours through our consciousness as daily tasks take us from the easel. Soon, the doubts are so strong that we become nearly paralyzed. Not only that I ‘don’t‘ paint, but it becomes I ‘can’t‘ paint!
For an artist who gets grouchy and irritable when I don’t paint, the very sanity and comfort of those around me is at risk when long stretches between painting happen. It isn’t pretty. 😉
I have always preached to my classes to Just Paint ! Just go make a mess. Don’t worry about what, just make anything. . . . .but fer gooness sake, PAINT!

After a long, long break, something in me snapped. I rose from the bed yesterday absolutely committed to go make colored puddles on paper . . . . .to sling paint and just get used to the feel of it . . . .go ruin some paper, Mike! . . . .just practice what you preach! Forget all the mind chatter and get out there to move some pigment around.

So, I did. It isn’t up to the normal quality that I expect of myself, but that was not the goal. What a great feeling to throw something down with no expectations . . .just try something.

I have much to do in order to gain back my ‘touch.’ But. after yesterday, I am sure I can ‘come back.’

It’s good to be ‘home.’

9 thoughts on “Practicing What I Preach”

  1. You don't know how good it feels to know that even someone at your stature gets this way – do all of us really feel we can't paint when we just don't for a while? I guess so! You have certainly come back gloriously – the palette in this one just sings and warms me and makes me think of melted toffee and candy. I'm glad your muse returned and you're back slinging paint 🙂 Oh, if I could only do so as well!

  2. THANK YOU. Thank you for this posting. I've been away from painting for too long, and recently agreed to do a large mural for my church…. needless to say, this lack of painting for some time followed by a "job" that needs to be done…. scary, intimidating stuff. Your post described my apprehensions. Thank you.

  3. Well considering how much verve and energy I feel upon viewing this piece…I´d say you are back alright,,,with a vengence too…WOW,,,it blew right off my screen. Even the big guys get the blues…it motivated me ,,,that is for sure…I mean, not the fact that you weren´t painting but that you get up time and time and time again and just PAINT….
    Have a creative day…….
    I will be following you over my blog and be unsubscribing from these email updates…frees up my incoming email box and will save me time following my fav. blogs.

  4. I think everyone needs to hear that chant….just paint! I slipped away from my painting for over six month. Looking at other people's work just confirmed my doubts about myself….I suck. But, now I'm recommitted and working to complete at least two paintings a week for the studio tour in the fall. Thank you for posting this! I love your work!!!

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