Big Honor

“Line Dance”
Watercolor, 22 x 15 inches

This painting was just invited to be exhibited in the 2011 Taiwan International Watercolor Exhibition. Artists from the USA, China, Japan, Korea, UK, Australia, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan etc will be included. What an honor to be included among the world’s finest watercolor painters!!

I am humbled!

16 thoughts on “Big Honor”

  1. Wow, Mike! That is fantastic. It is a big honor and well deserved. I do love this series. I especially liked how you broke up the space. The power of small shapes versus the big shapes.

  2. Mike, Great news. Can I say I knew you when…..? But then, I guess even then you were pretty special!!

    I love the paintings you've done of the line men. Very unique subject, perspectives, and Mood. What Mood do I want? You got it!

  3. What a wonderful honor, Mike, and you absolutely deserve the accolades. You're a guy who backs up all he says with lots of good hard work.I'm reminded of the rodeo cowboy who said, "If you can back it up it ain't braggin". I'm happy for you my friend.

  4. Thanks, everyone! This was indeed a project that didn't quickly happen. While I want to do more around this subject, and will, I am busy now with all sorts of other painting tasks centered around teaching.

    My best to all who comment here!!

  5. The subtle joys of watercolor. Admittedly, it is a difficult medium to manipulate but it is handled very well here.
    I was also struck by the vivid beauty of this watercolor seascape by the American Impressionist painter Frederick Childe Hassam, entitled The cove ( ). I saw the painting for the first time while browsing for a watercolor painting for my studio at
    I ordered this particular canvas print, which will inspire my own work.
    That blue! And the usual combination between control and freedom of the brush found in good watercolor painting is clearly seen here.

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