Playing Fast and Loose

“High Powered Guy”
Mixed Water-media 15 x 22 inches

I am in my workshop season right now. Between traveling and teaching, working and leading a large art society, painting time is preciously little. So, I have to hurry and grab every minute I can . . . and mow the lawn, weed the garden, tidy up the studio, cook occasionally etc. (you know the drill.)

While I am doing all this, my series of linemen is eating away at my thoughts. So, I am slamming paintings together quickly, mostly as trials and experiments to try out new, more simplified approaches, such as have been mentioned in the last few posts.
I want you, the reader, to see for yourself what happens when an artist is on to something and the trials we go through to get to some worthy art. Sure! I can copy photos in this series. I have over 300 pix that I can use, if i wanted to do that. I am much more interested in making a revelation or a statement rather than a report or copy. That is going to take a lot of trials and errors. Eventually, stuff will roll out and be consistent with my internal vision (which I cannot quite see yet). The ideas and trials are already showing me possible paths and approaches.
This painting was a bit of a struggle in the composition department . . . .that is where to put him and how to structure the perspective so that a feeling of being right there pervades the work. I am getting closer!
It took deleting the pole and placing it much further to the right along the margin and using the cross arm to integrate the figure to the rectangle of the painting. The use of the element of line (no pun) to show the wires and cables and some edges in the piece bring another level of excitement to the surface.
Again, mixed media: acrylic underpainting, watercolor, gouache and tempera were all used to provoke a sense of solidity and roughness in the piece. I am thinking this painting could set up a very serious piece. But I am off to teach another workshop in a few days. Maybe I will get to the serious work next month!!! I gotta hang in and keep painting to keep the flow going.

6 thoughts on “Playing Fast and Loose”

  1. I am impressed with your attitude of study and exploration of the elements of art- line value, shape size and more. In contrast to some beginners who think the first one ought to be praise- worthy and complete and want to move on to new subjects. Your blog is a great source of encouragement toward creativity.

  2. As you learn through this series of explorative paintings, you are teaching us (if we are reading carefully about the process and thinking of composition, color, shapes, etc.)

  3. Thanks, Ellen, for bringing a little more truth here. I am finding more and more that those who are truly accomplished and awarded artists are not so special after all. They have to work at it just like the rest of us. They just do MORE than we do!

  4. These elements of Line, Size, Shape, Direction, Color, Value and Texture are only the marks we apply to the paper or canvas. It is what we do with them, Rhonda. Therein lies the creative stuff: What sorts of dominance and harmonies do we create? And what of contrasts and repetitions etc? The journey is one of adventure, isn't it?

  5. Thanks, Robin. You have been a great example for the rest of us with your diligent painting daily. It is totally amazing how you have grown over a few short years by just painting and painting and painting. I suppose that is where the secret lies: Just do it!

    Thanks for coming by, Bro!

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