watercolor 15 x 22 inches

If you are wondering if I have again become inactive, the answer is an emphatic no. I just returned from driving 500 miles, one way, to San Diego, to jury a show for the San Diego Watercolor Society. It is an interim show with an experimental theme. It was a rushed trip, but well worth the time spent. I listened to two books on tape while driving, met some of the SDWS officials, saw some extraordinary paintings and learned a few more life lessons in the process. And, Oh yes, I did paint the morning I left to drive there.

I think there are five pieces left from my binge that I haven’t posted, yet. Here is one of them. . . .
This series is really excellent for illustrating the effect of large shapes and how powerfully they hold a painting together. In the end, this series is much of the same stuff, same color schemes, and similar designs . . . .actually a similar formula, but just modifying the rock shapes and positions in the picture space. In other words, it is all abstraction.
There’s more. Stay tuned.

9 thoughts on “Inactive?”

  1. I love your work. A friend just introduced me to it. Squatter is heavy and light all at the same time. Excellent. Would you like to join myself and a few other well known artists for a delightful plein air weekend at my friends ranch? Click on this link for details Nikolai Kansei from Bulgaria and Graham Flatt from Canada will be there. Just for R&R and the love of painting. Lynne Haines 509-981=0139

  2. Thanks, BrandNew. Glad you came to visit.

    And . . .Lynne, I used to live in Spokane and Post Falls! Would love to come paint there, but schedules at this time do not permit. But thanks for the invite!

    Teresa, I am glad you felt moved to comment. Thanks very much!

  3. Well, Chuck, I guess all I can say is, "You are welcome." It was an honor to jury for your organization and one I look forward to again, at some point.

  4. I was curious to know who juried my painting into the SDWS experimental show, and am all the more honored to have been included now that I see the adventurous energy with color that infuses your work. You selected a terrific collection of spirited work for the gallery.

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