Breaking Out . . .

Watercolor 22 x 30 inches
I had no idea the business of art and the business of art society stewardship would keep me so busy. Add to that a little bit of part time work, home duties etc. and life simply escapes me.
I have been cussing under my breath for some time about the robbery of painting time and finally have broken out to get to pure easel time. Oh, I have been at the easel for little snippets of time, painted a bit, but in the end my dissatisfaction with the effort made it not worth it. But I know better. Of course it was worth it. I was showing up for the muse to come visit. Maybe she didn’t, but I worked at keeping my paints and brushes wet.
A few days ago, I drove to the Monterey Penninsula to visit a dentist there. My eyes popped out of my head as I could see acres of ice plant draping the dunes along the beach in every color of red, rose, russet, orange, burgundy, magenta and more. I had my trusty camera with me and a little extra time to gather a few reference photos. This painting, “Patches” is exactly what I was hoping for! It still isn’t up to my standards when I am in the studio daily, but it sure relieved those achy painting joints . . . .and my grouchiness from not really getting to put in some creative time.
Happy Holidays to you and yours! My wife and I have lovely plans which have much to do with our family . . . . .and my easel!!

18 thoughts on “Breaking Out . . .”

  1. Hey dude…I think we were in the Monterrey area at the same time! I did a few ink/wash sketches of Asilomar beach and a pile of shopping bags leaning up against our motel room.
    This h2o is fantastico! Love the sweep of space and depth, and oh yea, the colors are sweet, sweet, sweet! How about we both do a wave and rock watercolor scene from one of my Asilomar file photos? We could post the results on our blogs. I've done this in the past with Milind Mulick in far off India and Terry Miura in near by Fair Oaks Village, CA. We could even open this up to the world at large and see what comes in. You and your family have a rollicking good holiday! A HUGE thank you for introducing me to the Santa Clara and Sierra Watercolor Societies in 2011. Let's both grab 2012 by the you-know-what!

  2. Dear Studio . . . .

    Good wishes right back at ya! Yes, I suppose the muse was indeed right there with me on this last painting. She is elusive at times, but pretty faithful for the most part.

  3. Robin, you old rascal . . . . .I would imagine that this last year has been glorious for you . . . .and this one coming will bring tons of happiness. Merry Christmas to you, and all the best to follow, my friend.

  4. This is just beautiful – I love it. It is up to my standards, which must be lower than yours. 🙂 I have been so swamped with so much responsibility that I have no time whatsoever for painting as I'd like – I am so upset about it. I think back to times in my life when I had plenty of time, and I let them pass unused. Well, there is next year! Happy new year. (I'm too late for the Christmas greeting.)

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