A Little Bit of Heaven . . !!!

“Lobos Rocks”
Watercolor 15 x 22 inches
Some days seem as though I live, literally, on the edge of heaven. Monday and Tuesday of this week it seemed that way.
We are staying as guests of a favorite art colleague right near the Monterey Penninsula in California in a place called Carmel By The Sea. And it really is on the edge of heaven. Some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet is in that vicinity. Pebble Beach is part of that area.
My wife and I are staying there with only one thing on our minds . . . .to paint and to relax. The holidays and various travel obligations have kept us dancing through the coals, so to speak.
While it has been a piece of heaven, it has been COLD ! Beautiful, clear weather, but ice on everything in the mornings. But I am going out painting anyway!! Bundled up, with long underwear, wool cap and everything I can carry from my studio to sit by the sea and paint! Wow !!! The wind bites. The people stop with silly questions, but it is still one of those times for which I am grateful to be alive and able to immerse myself.
So here is the result of Monday’s painting excursion. Tuesday’s is in the wings ready to show her face, too. Rain is expected, but I have taken enough photos to be able to paint this beautiful place, rain or shine. Sadly, I haven’t got internet access where I am staying. So, stay tuned. It might take a few days to get all this stuff posted. Meanwhile . . . . . .Yippeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

3 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Heaven . . !!!”

  1. Aaaah bliss! Painting with real connection to the elements 🙂 Go you!

    Aren't we privileged as artists, being able to connect with nature and pretend that we are actually working when in fact we are hungrily filling our souls?

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