OMG! A New Post!! Plein Air Painting . . .Getting through the problems

Everyone is frightened of painting outdoors! You have heard the cries and complaints: Yikes! The bugs! Oh! That wind !! I just couldn’t finish! There was too much to pay attention to! It’s sooo confusing! I don’t understand composition. Yadda yadda yadda !!

It is much easier than you would think! I can show you how to compose your painting in less than two minutes. Yes !! Really!! All you need is to have the right tool!

The light always changes on me! I can’t keep up with it.  Another easy solution. All you need is to have a gentle coach to guide you into taking the right steps at the very beginning to stop that from happening. Get your composition down so you know where everything will fit on the page or canvas. Then sit down with your sketch book and work out a value sketch recording light and shadow (Not details!) Just simple shapes of value in the picture space. That locks in the light . . .that is IF you follow the value sketch.

But I hate value sketching!!! Too bad. Do it anyway. ( I know. Tuff guy teacher.) Not really. I have found through many many spoiled paintings that all I had to do was take five minutes and RECORD where the light and shadow was before I made my painting. The light could change any way it wanted to and I still had what it looked like when I finished my sketch. It is a perfect road map. Just follow it.

These and other skills will be taught and assisted in Maine this coming August. We’ll be painting in the early part of the day, having lobster or sea food for lunches (if you want) and maybe a glass of wine to go with it . . .then resuming the painting activities in the early afternoon.  (Sounds really rough, doesn’t it?)  Oh, yes! Did I mention that the scenery (the stuff we’ll be painting) is jaw dropping beautiful? Once you go to Maine and see that coast line, you want to go back summer after summer!

Interested? Contact Lynn Donovan at  or go to  August 21-25, 2017

We’ll be there having a blast!   Hope you can join the fun!


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