Consider the Power of Intention (part 1 of 2)


“Coronet”  22 x 30 inches

Few of us can truly appreciate the extraordinary power of our Intentions.

Frequently, we aren’t even aware of our intention and how strong it might be . . . or what it will manifest.   Moreover, who ever considered that a “silly idea” might become the beacon of our life?   That is an idea passes through our mind and it becomes a desire . . . perhaps an obsession.   Certainty is not something that most of us deal with when considering what lies in our future.   After all, who is certain about what will happen in the next two years?   Furthermore, how many of us can possibly predict where our lives will lead us in the next ten or more years?

We can’t.   . . . . . .   Or can we ?

Several years ago I can recall typing out lesson plans for how I had begun to think about making art . . . . building on the elements and principles of design.   I had an idea about something rarely taught and believed strongly that it should be taught to people who wished to be artists.   In fact, I felt so strongly about it that I felt it should be taught to advanced painters.   Somehow, in the back of my mind, I knew that I might be called to teach something about painting.   That was nearly 20 years ago.

Mind you, I said “might” be called. You might say that it was a suspicion.   Sort of like when you notice you have good feelings when you are in the presence of a nice dog.   Afterward, the idea comes up that it might be a good idea to have a dog in your life.   Know what I mean?   It isn’t completely certain, but then, according to our feelings, it was as clear as any strong suspicion could be.

It isn’t a “goal” . . . a well defined thing to accomplish by a certain date . . . it was an intention.   As in, “I intend to become a good painter.” Or, “I intend to have a dog in my life.” Or, “Holy Cow! I think I have found my purpose here.”   The latter is a full blown realization.   In that realization, is there any contrast or conflict with other ideas? NO!   That realization is so strong that some refer to it as a calling.   “I think I might be called to teach this stuff.”

It was under that sort of realization . . . of I ‘get’ my purpose now . . . .that intention began to take shape.   And there I sat with MS Word typing away my lesson plans. . . . . . . just in case!

They say that “Luck” is where opportunity and preparedness intersect.   Some would say “success.”

My intention was clear: I would teach.   I wasn’t clear about when or where, but in my heart I knew I should be prepared.   Intention is not something to trifle with.   Be ready when opportunity presents itself.

A few “coincidences” presented themselves in my day to day living.   (Really folks, when it comes to intention, there are NO coincidences.)   That is to say that various people, odd events, conditions, circumstances, whatever present themselves at unexpected times.   Some call them coincidence, but they are not.   They materialize because of the energy that our intentions create.   (Believe me, I have had so many of these sort of things appear, that I am firmly convinced that I have, in some way, created the circumstances to occur.)

As a result of a stream of these odd circumstances that presented themselves to me, I received a phone call from a University inquiring if I would like to teach my course that I had designed at my computer.

At a university????   Really???

Yes, it really happened and the rest is history.   I taught at the university and word of mouth took hold as the university curtailed their art program.   As a result of that short lived experience, I have been travelling and teaching in the workshop circuit throughout the USA and parts of Europe for 15 years!

Nope!   It is not coincidence.   There are many ways to explain this stuff, of which I shan’t explain.   But there IS SOMETHING that goes out from us to cause our intentions to become manifest.

This is but one story of the power of my intentions . . . I can relate many, many others.   As I approach the end of life (hopefully not too close!) I have come to realize that this is not hocus pocus or mumbo jumbo. And I can unequivocally say that it isn’t luck either.

So, what does this have to do with being an artist?   Simply this:   Take a close look at your intentions . . . . AND inspect your excuses . . . we all have them.   Rid yourself of excuses and ‘reasons’ . . . . we have those, too . . . .be clear about what you want and prepare yourself by being in the process of realizing what it is you intend.   That is to say put all your positive energy and thoughts into preparing for your intention to become realized.

After all, us artists are in the business of creating.   Why not create circumstances?

2 thoughts on “Consider the Power of Intention (part 1 of 2)”

  1. Great Blog post, Mike. Intent, purpose, and the positive attitude…YES! As you know, I’ve been doing medical and scientific illustrations, the majority of it on my computer, for 35 years or so, and since we moved to northern Minnesota the desire to teach has become “louder” in my mind. My wife suggested I call an old friend of hers who teaches up here at a great little community college. I finally took her advice and called the friend/teacher, which led to a coffee meeting with another teacher, which led to my creating a resume in which I wrote about “artistic intent”, which I mailed to the Dean, which led to my first job interview since 1978. All this took place within two weeks. One phone call led to all that. I start teaching Digital Graphics in January. Intent and one phone call. Be well, Mike, and our best to the two of you.

    1. So good to hear this story, Butch! Of all people, you know the power of this stuff, my brother! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

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