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Through a number of long term associations over the last 15 years, these painters and I have remained in contact, wholly admire and support each other’s work.  Some of the country’s finest painters and teachers are in this group.  Enjoy their self-portraits and visit them!

Self-portrait Katherine Cartwright
Katharine Cartwright NWS
Kathleen Conover AWS, NWS
Self-portrait Linda Baker

Linda Daly Baker AWS, NWS

Pat Fortunato

Pat Fortunato

Self-portrait Stephanie Goldman
Stephanie Goldman
Ken Goldman AWS, NWS
Mark Mehaffey AWS, NWS
Self-portrait Judy Morris
Judy Morris AWS, NWS
Beth Patterson AWS, NWS
Self-portrait Sue Tregay
Susan Webb Tregay AWS, NWS
Self-portrait Myrna Wacknov
Myrna Wacknov AWS, NWS
Donna Zagotta

Donna Zagotta AWS, NWS

Peggy Zalucha

Peggy Zalucha AWS, NWS

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National Watercolor Society
Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society