The Last One . . .for now

watercolor 15 x 22 inches

It is already passed the first week of September . . . .and my task list has grown to huge proportions . . . . . .

Open Studio here at my home / studio begins October 1 & 2. I am just now beginning the preparations . . . they seem insurmountable right now. With over 45 paintings to mat and frame and to set up the house and yard to accommodate hundreds of visitors and over 100 hanging paintings, the chores are beyond my ability to remain positive about.
NWS’s (National Watercolor Society) Annual Exhibition opens in October with the Awards Banquet preceding the opening. As president, I must prepare for this grand event and officiate as well.
Oral Surgery looms in the next week, too! And work (business) beckons, also. So, for now, painting must go to the back burner, sadly. Our best weather is this time of year, too, the call to go outdoors to paint en plain air is a siren I can hardly ignore.
Here is the last painting of the rock series . . . .which was all based on observances in Yosemite National Park. As with all the rest of these paintings, a loose style, timed at 90 minutes (reasons explained later), with a somewhat presentable painting was the goal. Mostly, it was just about standing at the easel and soaking in the pleasures of the running paint and the vibrating colors to please my soul.
Hope to see you at open studio. If you would like my address and/or directions, email me. Just click on the “email me” just above the Facebook Fan Box, opposite this text on the right. I’ll send you everything you need to get here . . . . .save for tickets from Italy, or India, etc . . . .;p)

A Great Excuse !

So! I haven’t been painting because I have been travelling. The last week of June, I was in Boone, North Carolina, teaching some brief workshops for Cheap Joes Art Stuff. It was a wonderful experience and a terrific opportunity to get to know some marvelous folks.

This week and the next I must report that I am undergoing a loathsome serving out of an obligation I committed to some months ago: I am spending two weeks in Hawaii. Yes, it is indeed difficult. The weather is more than special and the scenery is something out of a story book. Painting? Not at all . . . . .well, some little sketches. But who can paint when there is so much to look at here?
Right in front of our housing . . . . .a condo right at the edge of the water . . . . Sea Turtles surface every minute or so. Big, blue green waves smash the rocks and send snow white plumes of foam 40 to 50 feet in the air. The pounding of the waves can be heard at night while we sleep. I tell you, this is very, very difficult to endure! 😉
Swimming, snorkeling, eating, walking, sight seeing, eating, visiting galleries, eating and just plain loafing is what my wife and I are doing. Am doing a lot of reading and simply resting . . . . . .heck! I shouldn’t even be doing this!!!
So, please forgive my laziness. My easel will see me soon enough.
Meanwhile, I am laying claim to this excuse.


A new article published on the blog of Creative Catalyst was just published regarding the role of art societies and why one should enter them. Of course, I authored the piece, but it is worthy of your attention if you are at all interested in entering painting shows, or are a painter. Just click on the word ‘blog’ above.

Big Honor

“Line Dance”
Watercolor, 22 x 15 inches

This painting was just invited to be exhibited in the 2011 Taiwan International Watercolor Exhibition. Artists from the USA, China, Japan, Korea, UK, Australia, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan etc will be included. What an honor to be included among the world’s finest watercolor painters!!

I am humbled!


Hi Everyone~!

Every now and then a person crosses our paths who is out to make a difference for others.

Meet Chris Beck. An extraordinary painter herself, Chris bends over backwards to feature and advance other artists. Of course those artists benefit, but so does Chris.

I recently connected with Chris after hearing about her from other artists and after reading her blog. What an incredible and delightful person! ( I better say that, eh Chris? :-] )

She has recently keyed up a summary of my work on her blogs. Check it out! There is a second blog called “brush-paper-water.” Check it out, too. Publicity is always welcome!!!!!!

Thanks, Chris!!

NEWS . . NEWS . . .NEWS !!

NEWS . . . NEWS . . . NEWS . . . .NEWS . . .NEWS . .

After too long a period, my website has been thoroughly updated. Nearly 50 new paintings and a new workshop schedule. Go Look!!
Suggestion: you might also, after seeing all the paintings there, want to go to “Artistic Musings” on the site and read a few of the articles there.
Check it out!!

Thanks to Marion Podolski ( who designed this website and is the person responsible for the update. Thanks, Marion! (any artists out there who need a great webmaster? Drop her a note. She’d love to hear from you!)

Studio Busy News

“picasso” wet from the rain
No paintings today, folks. Just news.

It may seem as though nothing is happening in my studio, but quite the opposite is in play. It seems as though everything is coming at once.
First news is my entry to AWS was an award winning painting at NWS, but was turned away at AWS. Go figger that! Who knows why? It is always a crap shoot . . .luck has to play a part.
Second news . . . .my workshop season is in full swing! Am off to Reno this week, then to the Carolinas and beyond in the next 30 days. My studio is being used frantically as I prep for classes, exercises and examples for the participants . . . and the mess is stacking up. Any of you painters out there have difficulty keeping things in order in your studio? For me, the busier, the messier.
Third news . . . .I have a new “job.” This job is one full of honor and responsibility to tradition and prestige. I must answer to those who have gone before me as examples and it won’t be easy. However, I am hoping I will be able to bring new wisdom, new energy and lots of expansion to the post. I have been chosen as President of NWS (National Watercolor Society). I officially took office this last month. Busier!
If any of you out there have thoughts about the society or where you’d like to see it go, I would like to hear from you.
Many of you know of the other news . . . we have a new puppy. “Picasso” is his name. And, yes, he is very demanding and steals our attention constantly. (What were we thinking?? :p) ) Even busier!!!

A Note To Followers and Visitors

Chris, a young father of two and loving husband, sustained a severe spinal injury a few weeks ago through a freak accident. And, he had no health insurance.

Read the story for yourself. Visit the blog. And do him and his family a favor . . . .just a small one:

If you have a blog, put the web link on it. . . . .and call attention to it.

Through whatever means you have, spread the word to others to visit Chris’s site and blog.

This action will help make contact around the world and will implore those who see his and his family’s plight to contribute or help . . . .even a little bit.

Just IMAGINE how many people COULD be helping if you put in a little bit . . .like a link.

The multiples that are possible really are mind blowing. Let’s all pitch in with just a little help.

Link to What have you got to lose?

Life Can Be Cruel

Please excuse my changing the subject here. This is very important to my family.

Years ago, my youngest daughter met an angel of a girlfriend. They went all thru college together and were each maids of honor at each other’s weddings . . . .and, of course, have been like sisters from the outset. I feel like Christy’s dad . . .she is a dear, dear friend. Her husband, Chris, met with a freak accident a week ago at a neighbor’s pool. The current prognosis is that Chris will not walk again. This is a strong young father who is devoted to his family and recently, because of employment changes, is uninsured and needs help. With surgeries, children to care for, and all the events that attend such a cruel change in life, medical and other costs are mounting beyond anyone’s ability to stay abreast.

I call your attention to this in hopes you may find it in your heart to assist in some way. See the new website This great family needs our help and our prayers!


glacier 1
Glacier 2

Glacier 3

The “walkabout” is over. I am back. I am painting again.

Back from where, you ask? From the cold, cold north!

We went to Alaska and Canada. And it was phenomenal !!

Here are some pics to see what we saw. Maybe you can get a sense of the immensity of what lies in Alaska. Click on each pic to enlarge it and view what is to be seen there. All three of the photos are of the same glacier.

Glacier 1 is a photo of a glacier as our ship approached it from a few miles away. The white glacier is the obvious. Beyond that, what appears to be a large pile of dirt just to the right of the hill coming into the photo from the left is another glacier (much dirtier) which has pushed huge amounts of rock and dirt ahead of it as if it were a bulldozer. That glacier extends far to the right for over a mile on its face.

Glacier 2 is a photo of the glacier as we drew up to it in the ship. You can see the ‘texture’ of this giant. No place to step. It is far from being innocent snow! This is centuries old, compressed ice with crevasses that are hundreds of feet deep in some cases. One slip and fall on this surface would be certain death. And when it calved . . . .the roar was deafening! This is no playground, that is for sure!

The next photo, Glacier 3 is a photo of the face of the glacier. Look closer!! Midway from center toward the edge of the photo at the 8 o’clock position is a kayak with 2 people in it. They are ¼ to ½ mile from the face of the glacier! The size comparison gives an idea of the scale of that ice face . . .over 300 feet high from the surface of the water . . . .and the glacier extends 300 to 500 feet below the surface!! Big? Heck! This is Ginormous!!