Artistic Musings

artistic musingsEvery serious painter is constantly learning and growing, and hungry for more information, more things to try and more experiences to learn from.  Here are some thoughts and ideas from which you might benefit.

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Musings 1: Sketching with a Purpose

Musings 2: Evaluating Abstractions

Musings 3: Still Life Variations

Musings 4: Travel Journals

FREE! Creativity & design articles by Mike Bailey

Creativity articles by Mike Bailey

They’re free for you to download, read and save for your own reference, but please remember that these articles are copyright and the contents may not be sold or reproduced without Mike’s express permission. Enjoy!

These articles are in PDF format, so you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them, which you can download for free from the Adobe website.

PDFDominance and Repetition

PDFOn Judging One’s Own Work

PDFWhat Mood Do You Want?

PDFCreative Wisdom

PDFA Painting in Three Parts

PDFThoughts on Creativity

PDFThoughts on Creativity (Part II): On Painting in Series

PDFIn Considering The Judge

PDFWhat’s the Mystique of Being an Artist?

PDFWhat is My Style?

PDFPainting in the Dark

PDFWatercolor Magazine Spring 2006 edition feature article by M.E. Bailey and Donna Zagotta (5.5 MB file)

PDFWhat are You Trying to Say?

PDFOn Abstract Painting

PDFThe Profound Step

PDFThe Critical Choice