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HatAbstractionSee the sketch of the crowd.  There is a grouping of light valued ‘things’ travelling across the page.  The diagram below the sketch looks at the overall shape of the lights against the overall shape of the darks (including mediums).  Now it is time to work out a better abstract shape of lights.


HatAbstraction2 The subsequent abstract designs are solely about the design of light through the painting and how that one big shape of lights holds the whole design together.  Once decided, then it is a matter of putting the ‘reality’ into the light and dark abstract design.


In the three sketches of the two women in big hats, the opposite goal is at work; to design and arrange a pattern of dark through the painting.  Whether it is landscape, figures or still life or even a portrait, the distribution and pattern of light and dark form an overall abstract composition, which entices the viewer.


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