Hurried Practice

“You’re So Transparent!”
oil on linen on panel, 6″ x 8″
This morning was rushed and I was panicked that I had not posted yesterday . . .or painted yesterday or today . . . . . .soooooo . . .I had to get busy!
A promise is a promise. Daily is what I signed up for, so Daily is what I have to do. Anything else is an excuse. I have to fold it in with everything else. My drive to create masterworks every time . . .and save embarrassment if I goof it up . . . .is huge. But I also know in my heart that this is just another practice piece. And, as I have said before, it still counts toward mastery at some point.
So here it is. Bad drawing and all. Serves me right for rushing through it. That’s another lesson I must learn . . . . .to remove myself from all else while I paint. It doesn’t pay to rush because what I get in the end isn’t what I am looking for in improvement. This time, as in others, it was those lousy douzy elipses!!! No scraping today. No time!

Color Harmonies

“Casino Dawn”
oil on canvas, 16″ x 20″
Today’s piece was a serious one. Not just practice, but one that I hope will be accepted into a museum show honoring the 100th anniversary of the “Boardwalk” . . .an amusement park here that boasts an old wooden rollercoaster . . . .and the site of several movies in the past.
I have been ‘working on’ this piece for over a ten days without ever lifting a brush. I mean it! Really! I looked at and sketched several points of view. Went to the site several times, but never in this lighting conditions. Then photographs were taken because there was no way I could paint from this angle without being squashed by a car or truck. It just wasn’t possible. So I had to use a photo . . .something I almost NEVER do. (I shall save that commentary for another post.) Once the drawing was done, color harmony and value emphasis had to be reasoned through before I painted it. I wanted the feeling of dawn with golden light, while the streets are empty and I wanted the emphasis to be on the building with the dome . . .the casino, as it is called. . . . .or the Coconut Grove. Reasoning wasn’t enough . . .I had to resort to a very abbreviated palette and force myself to stay in it so I could establish relationships between every single color in the piece. Cad Orange, Cad Yellow Medium, Violet, Cad Red Lite and Green and, of course white. Every brush load was a mix of at least two of these colors and most often of three to insure it would all relate. Frankly, as I worked through the painting, I was amazed at how many different colors I was able to arouse on my palette. Again, it seems I am gaining some ground in this new medium.

They All Count!

oil on linen on panel, 8″ x 10″
This weekend, while doing everything else, I went to a quickie workshop . . .just 3 hours . . .and made this fast piece with just a few intentions: focus on technique, paint quality and color. If I can pick up some of that stuff, the rest (design) will fall into place from my other painting and art experience . . . . . .well, at least, I’ll have a start on it. I am not sure anyone ever truly masters that stuff. We just get better than last year. In order to become better, we must build experience . . . . from that viewpoint, every painting we do as painters, good or bad, counts! That’s right. They all count. Even if they never see the light of day ever again. Even if they end up in a dumpster. Every painting counts toward getting better.
So this little guy was a ‘hurry up’ painting. I wasn’t concerned about making a great piece. Just deliver the paint, work on strokes, improve color.
Stay tuned. They will, eventually, get better. I just have to do many, many more. Life is great, isn’t it?!!!!

Last Day of Event

“From The Stairs”
oil on canvas on panel, 12″ x 16″
This is my last painting for the plein air event here in town.
Having never tackled urban subjects much, I figgered (yes, I know how to spell it) I’d give it a shot. The cool thing about this piece is that it is a very unusual point of view of the town center. As paintings go, it is hardly a prize winner, but the light and the subject will have great local appeal.
As you might guess by now, I don’t care to paint comfortably. It just isn’t my style to crank out paintings without challenge . . .even when the painting is going to a show. I’d rather put it all on the line in favor of forcing myself to overcome the next painting challenge. I learned a bunch with this piece and will paint it again and agin. Next time, I intend to exaggerate sizes more and add some lively activity to the intersection. Meanwhile, I will prolly fix the windows and clean up the center of interest on this one before Monday afternoon.

South County . . .

“Thompson Road”

oil on linen on panel, 8″ x 10″
This was one of those days that when we drove round the corner, the voice in my head screamed YES!! Right here!!! We had the glorious shade of a biiiig oak tree, a pull out on the road and perrrrfect light. We could **smell** the mist lifting off the hills!!

Yesterday . . .

Fixed it!! “Don’t Back Up!”

oil on canvas on panel, 12″ x 16″
It is a crummy feeling to go to bed with a feeling gnawing at you that the painting just posted was a huge mistake. I dreamt all night about it. My painting Buddy, Bill, and I discussed and disected the piece in the morning to no avail . . . . .until I turned it upside down and saw it out of the corner of my eye . . . .Values were wrong and the shape of the dark chasm was wrong and blah blah blah!
So, instead of posting yesterday, I took the painting of “Don’t Back Up” back to the studio . . .(yes, to go backwards!! 😉 ) to fix it. But, before that, Bill and I scrambled to our morning painting location 25 miles south of here. Upon returning, I painted some more . . . .I fixed the ‘back up’ piece, punched up the piece I had just painted with Bill and did a 20 minute study for a bigger painting I have in mind. No post yesterday, but there was a flurry of painting activity.
Feel free to comment and critique. I have been painting for a long time . . .not oils . . .and can sort out the wheat from the chaff, so go ahead and scald me if it is needed. I can see something that still irritates me a little bit in this painting, but am not sure how I should correct it . . .or if I should at all. Go ahead. Say it. I am asking for it.


“The Edge of Morning”
oil on linen on panel, 12″ x 16″
Sometimes, to make a painting behave, you don’t have to be talented. You just have to be stubborn.
After finishing this piece, I found (by surprise ) that I had divided the picture plane exactly in half and had two different paintings. Arrrrgggggghh!! I had painted this en plein air and never saw the division until I put a frame on it to critique the piece. I had a problem that had to be fixed before the paint dried. In between weddings, out of town visitors, plein air affair meetings and household stuff, I was being squeezed. But it got done. I had to be stubborn!

No time today!

Yes, I did paint today. In the early morning, in the beautiful, bright sunlight outdoors I painted. I am participating in week long plein air event . . .my first ever . . . .and it seems this one is a strange one because it stretches out over 5 weeks to a finale sale and gala for the museum that is staging the event.

I didn’t finish the piece, though I am close. Real Estate business, family business, social engagements and plein air painting all came together at once! Crazy! I have nearly finished the third pinapple, too. So, while I will have to wait a day or so to finish today’s painting (making very necessary corrections) (and not show that here) I will, at least give you an idea of the beginnings of the pinapple piece and ask you to wait until Saturday to see it . . .and maybe the plein air piece.
Believe me, it doesn’t show you much!

Can you wait? 😉

Testing the Limits

“Persimmon Tree”
oil on canvas, 12″ x 16″
I have been looking back at my paintings over the last month and find them to be lacking in some ways. By setting little challenges or goals of some experiment, instead of just painting another picture of something, I find that each painting can be a profitable learning excursion.

I have been seeking thicker paint and a more buttery look to my pieces. So, I tried two things: coating the gessoed canvas with diluted acrylic mat medium to retard or stop the absorbance of the gesso and canvas. Secondly, using a big one inch flat brush with tons of paint . . .shovel loading the brush sometimes. As I attacked this painting, it was clear I could not opt for detail, so by creating internal shapes in the leaves, weaving deep darks through the composition and working with color contrasts, I put this one together. I used a photo, taken over two years ago, to get a general idea of the proportions and shapes of the leaves and persimmons. The photo was useless beyond that.

A little scraping had to be done here and there in order to keep clean color . . .and to make the darks come to life with warms and cools. The end result was a buttery painting with some eye grabbing color contrasts. In a frame it sings! Sealing the canvas seemed to be a big help. Testing the limits of the big brush (and my courage) made for some romping good fun!

Carried Away?

oil on linen on panel, 8″ x 6″
This is getting to be absurd! Well, maybe not.
I have a mentality that is constantly seeking the ‘different’ from the norm. That same mentality has affected my painting fiercely for years. I suppose it is what sets my paintings apart from others and gives me my ‘style’ . . . .at least it is that way in my watercolors . . .see my website. I call this attitude reaching “beyond the obvious.” In other words, I seek to carry most of my paintings away from actual ‘reality’ and create some of my own Art. Notice that is spelled with a capital “A.” You see, there are literally millions of paintings created daily by those who lust for the obvious . . . .wellllll, maybe not actually lusting for it . . . .but, instead of allowing their own ideas and personal music to creep into the painting, they avoid it.
Don’t get me wrong! There are some painters out there who work very hard at traditional realistic work. They are in my links. Each brings something MORE than the obvious to their work. Paul in the UK, Jeff Hayes, Karin Jurick, Carol Marine and many more offer up reality but in a way that is enticingly their own version of it. And that is what makes Art with a capital “A” in my opinion. Look through the links list here and drink in the rich artwork that is being created! You have your own private art gallery right here!
So, a few days ago I began my pinapple painting . . .that should be plural! . . .remember Saturday’s post of the sketches? It is there. I have painting this one today, and am working on another that is truly ‘beyond the obvious.’ Every now and then I come accross something that throws ideas at me faster than I can process them. Such is the case with the pinapple. This little painting is part of that . . . .the other I am working on in the background is much more labor intensive and required some thought about design. So, depending when I finish it, you’ll get to see it soon enough. I am even taking progress photos as I go along. Who knows? Maybe it will be an abject failure. D’ya think I am getting carried away?