As you can see, there is a wide range of painting approaches in my ‘repertoire.’  One might wonder why that is. The explanation is simple: I LOVE a challenge.  All of the works I produce are the result of some challenge or experiment or trial.  That is to say that something not done before is the enticement.  To reach for better, for new, for the untried is what keeps me excited.  To open pathways to more creative approaches is what is always nagging in the background.

Some of the pieces you see here are from series work, where I focused for several months on painting a certain subject or design. There are series that have produced upward of 100 attempts about the same idea. The object in that sort of work is to dig down deeply and find that which is most creative and apart from reality.  Obviously, surprises await the artist who works in that method.

Visits to my studio are always welcome. Many of these paintings are on display in my studio or home. If you would like to explore the availability of any of these pieces, or see them in person, contact me by email.

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Watercolor Landscapes
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